Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's for Lunch?

Lately I have refocused my intentions on eating healthy.  Not that I was a junk food eater before.  I have been vegeterian for a few years now and did a year as a vegan.  For 2012 I am going to re-commit to a vegan diet.  I am not going to be a vegan snob about it though.  If I go out to eat and my food has a little cheese on it or was maybe cooked with butter, I am not going to freak out about it.  To help with this eating healthy vegan transition I invested in a mini fridge to keep at my desk at work.  I love it!
I keep it stocked with fresh veggies, hummus, fruit and single serve salads.   My weakness was afternoon munching, but now I just pull out some carrots and munch away guilt free!
It is amazing how much better you can feel when you know you are eating right!  For lunch today is homemade spicy bean soup full of veggies and beans and a side salad, YUMMY and filling.  What are you having for lunch today?

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